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Drill Wales Roadshows

Drill Wales Roadshows- Alan Armstrong (Barod Worker)
We went to Cardiff to Disability Wales meeting. The point of the meeting was to do with research that people could put in the bids to get money for research.
How did I find the day?
I found it interesting but very long day. Some of the information they gave is okay but could have been done better it had a lot of jargon. It was very easy to talk to people in groups. Anne’s talk about co working research was very interesting.

What next?
I think it would be good to have a day to get skills to put in a bid. It would be good if there is a day like this. Barod could put in a bid for a research work shop so that we could have a day with people we work with and can learn how to coproduce and so that people can learn to how to put in for bids of research. I think that we need to think about what we want to research before trying to do research work. I learnt this when I went in front of Mars research group. I think it would be much easier and peo…